About Me


Hi! I am Fritz Kareem. There are just days when I want to dress up and look sharp that I want to be photographed. There are times when I want to get out of town and break free from the hustle and bustle of the city. I want to embark on a journey full of childlike excitement.

Why Style Blog Project?

I have been laughed at because of my weird fashion choices when I was younger. But the hunger for looking presentable is deeply rooted in my soul that I want to be a better dresser everyday. My style is distinct but always changing. Styling myself is a lifelong project that I take pleasure doing. It is a process that you get addicted and you want to do over and over again. I put up this blog to document how my style is evolving. And hopefully, I inspire others with my style choices. May this blog help others in all ways possible.

Why not purchase a .com domain?

Although a .com domain will really make my blog more “professional”, I want to minimize the cost of maintaining a blog. As much as possible, I want this blog to cost me nothing. In that way, I can encourage more people to start a blog and share what they think can help others without spending a dime. We can always learn something from someone. And also, sharing is caring.

I will post about fashion, vanity, style, food, travel, and social media/social media marketing.

Welcome to my blog!

P.S.  My blog is best viewed via mobile or tablet (me thinks).


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